Big Foot Archers
Of Lake Geneva, WI.
N960 Hillside Road, Lake Geneva, WI. 53147

Current Newsletter
                                      THE BIRTH OF AN ARCHERY CLUB
By; Dave Hackett

One icy January evening in 1957, a group of archers met in



            The club property consists of 40 acres. The clubhouse has a 20 yard indoor range, restrooms, bar and kitchen facilities.

                        There are 4 outdoor ranges, plus 2 practice ranges and a primitive Campground.

The outdoor ranges are designated ”Upper” , ”Lower”, and Broadhead #1 & #2.

            The Upper and Lower Ranges are set up for Field Archery, with excelsior bale backstops and marked yardages.

            The Broadhead Ranges have sand pits, they also have shooting platforms.

            B.F.A. belongs to two rotating leagues with other clubs.

            One is the Kettle Moraine Field Archery League. This is an indoor 300 League which takes place on weekend’s rotating between member clubs.

            The second one is the Lakeshore Bowhunters League (LBL) which is an outdoor 30 Target 3D League.

            B.F.A. hosts one shoot in each of these Leagues annually.

            We will also host 3 Public/Club Shoots each year; a Traditional only shoot ( Mother’s Day Weekend), a 3D shoot in June with our Homemade Targets, with a Dinner set-up each day. In August we have 1 more 3D shoot.Always refer to the club’s annual shoot flyers for dates and shoot details.



Indoor Leagues start in January for 12 weeks.

            Thursday and Friday are 300 spot Leagues.

            Sundays only is The Arctic Blast Outdoor 3D Coursing through the Woods. During these shoots the indoor range has open Shooting from 1:00-3:00 P.M. (Pay as usual or discuss with your league secretary).

          Monday Nights Open Shooting   7:00 P. M. to ?? all year long

            From Sept. thru December there are 3D Targets set-up through out the Broadhead Ranges (Field Points only no Broadheads).

Other than regular Leagues there is a Fee for Shooting Indoors or the Outdoor 3D Course, Please sign in on the sheet by the door if you are Shooting Indoors and put the Money in one of the envelopes by the door.  Then place the envelope in the metal box by the door. Fees for the outdoor course may be put in the box in the entrance way.

            Shooting Fees are posted above the Pop Cooler.

            The clubhouse and indoor range lights are activated by motion sensors. Do not turn off the wall switches adjacent to the furnace room doorway. If you enter and the lights don’t activate try turning the switch on.

If you change the Thermostat setting, return to proper setting, and be sure to LOCK DOOR. Instructions for operating the Thermostat are posted on the wall.

            Beer can only be sold when a Licensed Bartender is on the premises.

            Pop and Chips may be purchased on the Honor System. Place monies in the cash register.

            Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the Month with Potluck at 7:00 P.M. and meeting at 7:30 P.M. 

All Members are required to put in 25 Work Hours, per year. This can be done by working the shoots, working on Targets, the ranges and building Maintenance, or eventually becoming a Board Member.

            When joining, upon paying your Dues and getting sworn in, you will receive the Gate and Front door combinations to the entry key pads. Please don’t share this. The code will change annually. You will be advised of the code changes at the meetings and upon paying your annual dues.





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